The McLaren Family Photo Shoot

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The McLaren Family Photo Shoot

The McLaren Family Photo Shoot.

Family Photo Shoot.

Just the other day I had a great opportunity to photograph the McLaren Family. I had such a great time with Glenn, Sarah-Jane, Skye and of course Logan. I guess you would think by now that each family portrait photo shoot would kind of be the same each time, but it never is. For one, each family I meet are never the same people, personalities and looks and each home is different to. This adds to the challenge which is great as I’m always learning new techniques with lighting and use of spaces. Anyway, We had a great time with the photographs in a nice relaxed environment and keeping Logan happy too as he kind of fell out of interest with it all after a while. He did very well posing with his family and we got some great photographs which the McLaren Family were very happy with. Just see their review.

I have added a selection of photographs from the family photo shoot for you to check out. Don’t worry I asked Glenn and Sarah-Jane if they were okay before I published them. I hope you like the photographs as much as I do.

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