Small Purple Flower and Dandelions in the wind

Posted by on May 27, 2012 in News
Small Purple Flower and Dandelions in the wind

Yesterday I was stuck with one of my dreaded tasks of being responsible, grown up and a home owner. Yes I have been very lazy and let my front garden turn into a bit of wild forest. It was staring to get a bit embarrassing.. Well, the weather was nice and there is no more football (for a while) so I thought best make some of an effort to tidy it up. Let me tell you it isn’t easy all that digging, I now know why I avoid it. So, anyway while I was taking a brief rest and admiring my handy work I spotted some small purple flowers which I had never noticed before, yes I decided to get my lovely camera and take a photograph, so I did, hence photograph of small purple flower..! Okay, so just after I took the shot of the small purple flower a little breeze blew on some of the remaining dandelions (horrible weeds) and blew some of the seeds into the air… You guessed it, I then decided to take a couple of photographs of the dandelions too. I have taken photographs of dandelions last year in my photography blog Dandelions make Summer . Please enjoy my photographs and if you happen to know the name of the small purple flower then please let me know!

dandelion close up


dandelion in the breeze

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