Product Photography of Home-made Shortbread Biscuits

Posted by on Mar 27, 2014 in News
Product Photography of Home-made Shortbread Biscuits


The lovely Mrs C decided to bake some home-made shortbread biscuits tonight, which was nice. So, while she was putting our young boy to bed I decided to do some product photography of the yummy biscuits. as they looked so good.  I had to act quick as they were calling out to be eaten up.

This is what I did…. Set up one of my new Bowen’s studio strobe lights using the reflective umbrella.  I then also set up a speedlite flash which was positioned on a stand. I then placed a 50cm softbox at 45 degrees to my position. I took a few shots and played around with the positioning of the lights to achieve the final photograph. My prize for taking this shortbread biscuit photograph was to eat one.. Mmmmm, very nice indeed, thank you Mrs C and well done!
home-made shortbread biscuits

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