Portrait Photography in Thornaby

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Portrait Photography in Thornaby


Last Sunday I traveled down to Thornaby, Stockton on Tees to do a portrait photography shoot for a young girl, her mother wanted to get some photographs of her in her communion dress before her actual communion. These were for my clients family members who could probably not make the communion. I took down my new Bowen’s studio light and backdrop, oh, let’s not forget my camera and tripod. Yep, I was all prepared for everything. They day was a lovely bright sunny day too so in my mind I was thinking of turning this into a lifestyle shoot to. At first I had a few problems triggering my lights, for some reason they just didn’t want to work, I was getting myself really stressed but I knew it would all fall into place, and it did. I took a few shoots of my model against a nice deep red wall in my clients house, I then set up my backdrop which is white to give that high key studio look. By now I could see that my young model was getting a bit uncomfortable in her communion dress so I suggested that we have a quick break so she could change into something much more casual and comfortable. We took a few shoots in the garden, I tried to keep as many of the shots in the shade as the sun was really high and bright which can be difficult to work with at times.. My young model who was proving to be very good and very patient then suggested going to her favourite tree in the village where they live. It was only a two minute walk, so off we trot, and we got some great shots. I even tried out a new technique called Brenizer Effect where you take multiple photographs as you would in a panoramic shoot but you fill a square frame keeping the same focal length on every shot. You do need to stitch these together afterwards to achieve a great shoot..

All in all a great day and many thanks to Lise and Amy for a great day of photography.

Addison Portrait 1
Addison Portrait 2
Addison Portrait 3
Addison Portrait 4
Addison Portrait 5
Addison Portrait 6

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