High Key Family Portrait Photography

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High Key Family Portrait Photography

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Today I had a great day doing a high key family portrait shoot with a great family. This photo shoot was at my clients home, not in any photographic studio, I took my portable lights and backdrop and that was all I needed, obviously my camera too. What is great about home studio shoots is that your client feels much more relaxed in their own environment and thus projects a much happier feel. Your client feels good, your photographs look good too.

So yeah, today I was with “The Barkers”, we had already discussed how they wanted the photographs to look which made it all that much easier to get things done and from the brief we just worked around it, simple! I set up my lights and backdrop, did a few test shot to make sure the lights were in the right place, then we were all ready to go. We started with the four family members lying on the white backdrop with their heads together, I got up high and shot down. I took a few more photographs like this, it isn’t easy to get everyone looking right all the time, you think you have nailed the shot but when you look back someone has blinked or pulled an odd face, this happens and the more people you add to the shot the harder it get that perfect shot. Anyway we got quite a few which were all really good to be honest. Next I had them do a vertical stack, dad at the top, then mam followed by the two daughters. As you can see below, it looks great. I then moved them side by side to do a horizontal shot, basically I just kept shooting as the moved around as they had fun, which again also looks great. Finally I put the backdrop behind their sofa and asked them to sit and relax as they would watching the telly and just have some fun. These photographs really turned out well.  A lot seems to have been done but this took no more than two hours (including set up).

When you look at these photographs you would think they were taken in a professional studio not in someones living room… Thank you to “The Barkers” for a great day and I hope you are as pleased as I am with the results…
The Barkers 1 The Barkers 2 The Barkers 3 The Barkers 4 The Barkers 5

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