Football/Soccer Product Photography

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Football/Soccer Product Photography

Football/Soccer Product Photography

Ball Bag, Cold Compression, Gym Bag, Glove Bag and Key ring

I have recently been asked to do a little bit of product photography along with a little bit of editing thrown in too for an up and coming sports apparel company called Locust UK. My brief was to photograph a Pro Ball Organiser that holds up to 10 balls, a roll of cold compression tape, a lightweight gym bag, a goalkeepers glove bag and finally, a cute goalkeepers glove key ring. Then to put them onto a solid black background. They needed these products to be in a large format as they could be used for large printed banners.

This is what I did… First, I set up two Bowen’s studio lights and a white backdrop, the white backdrop wasn’t a problem as the product were to be cut out and put onto a black background in post production. The lights were set at the standard 45º to the product. My camera was set to ISO 100,  f-stop from 8- 11 and the shutter speed to 1/200 sec. I took a few shots of each product at different angels and positions as they may need them to show more of the products.

That was the fun bit over now I had to do some work. Checking though all of the photographs and picking out the winners in Lightroom then adjusting there levels, brightness, white balance and sharpness. Yes, I had best tell you that I always shoot in RAW. I decided to give 3-4 photographs of each product depending on what the product was. These final chosen photographs were then finished off in Photoshop, this was the job of removing the backgrounds and replacing it with the solid black background as requested. I did this by using the pen tool in Photoshop to create paths around the products. Once this was done each photograph was saved as a TIFF file. Below are a selection of some of the photographs. I’m not too sure when these product photographs will be used on the website, I’m sure it won’t be too long  but if you are a keen footballer then it’s definitely having a look at the Locust UK website. I hope you like these product photogrpahs as much as I and my client do.. 🙂

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