Family Portrait Photography Shoot

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Family Portrait Photography Shoot

Family Portrait Photography Shoot With The Donnachie Family.

Last week I had the privilege to photograph a great young family who luckily for me lived in Washington, Tyne and Wear, as I do, so not too far to travel, which was nice. We arranged for a home portrait photography shoot in a studio high key photography style and if we had time (which we did) some extra photographs outside. The main reason for the photographs was to get some nice photographs of their 14 month old son, then to get some with all three as a family. Last Sunday was the best day to suite all, so Sunday it was.. The Donnachie family made me feel very welcome in their home, so thank you to Vicky and Dave for that.

It took me a few minutes to set up the lighting and back drop, which gave Vicky and Dave some time to get their 14 month old son ready. He had just woken up so it was touch and go as to what kind of mood he was going to be in. To be fair he did really well, especially for not knowing me and to have all this strange equipment (lighting) set up in his house. I started with flashing the lights in front of him to make sure he was okay and didn’t get scared of the flashing lights which can be a problem. Next his mam and dad kept him amused and looking in the right direction from behind me. As soon as he started to get upset we would stop, I would then try to quickly take some photographs of them all together as family with a more natural feel and look. You can get some great shots when people are just being themselves and forgetting about the camera. We did a few extra ones with the three as a family in the high key studio style then had a rest. Next we moved outside into their garden to get some lifestyle photographs. I must admit the time was around 12 o’clock and the sun was very bright so my main worry was bad shadows being cast over their faces. The sun did prove to be a problem at times but we got there in the end with what I think are some great family portrait photographs.

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Donnachie Family Portrait Photography

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