Building and Photographing a Yurt

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Building and Photographing a Yurt

Building and Photographing a Yurt.

Yesterday I was on a help a friend mission… Well, really my friend asked me if I could help him build up his Yurt and then get some photographs of the Yurt as he has decided to sell it on ebay.. I thought hey, why not help a friend plus the fact I have never seen a Yurt in real life and here I was building one up from scratch… Yes, I am now a fully trained Yurt builder, so if you ever need a Yurt just give me a shout…

You will see by the photographs how the yurt was put up. I must say at this point that it would have been a little bit easier with a third person but hey we got there in the end. At every stage of the build I took a photograph to show how it was going up and also to show the condition of the Yurt. The actual Yurt has a couple of imperfections with the ash wood poles and the cover sheets but all in all it wasn’t too bad.

When my friend gets round to using the photographs and puts it on eBay to sell I will put the the link on the blog page in case someone out there may want one…

Well I now have the link to buy the Yurt on eBay BUY YURT

So, please enjoy the photographs and let me know what you think of them.. Oh yeah and I took a photograph of a wild horse…

Yurt_001 Yurt_004 Yurt_005 Yurt_007 Yurt_008


Yurt_009 Yurt_010 Yurt_011

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