Birthday Carrot Cake Photograph

Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in News
Birthday Carrot Cake Photograph

A Pleasant Birthday Surprise! A Tasty Photograph!

Last Sunday was my birthday, yes, another year older than the one before, it just keeps happening. My lovely wife loves to dabble in bit of baking every now and then as you will have noticed from a previous blog about shortbread biscuits. Last weekend, being a special weekend, I was privileged to a wonderful carrot cake for my birthday. I just could not resist taking a couple of photographs of this tasty experience. I set up a speedlite with a softbox and placed it on one side of the cake. The other side of the cake was natural light from a nice big window. the photographs were taken then cropped for this blog.. Bobs yur uncle. Maybe I should get Mrs C to write a blog about her cake recipes? Hope you like the shot as much as I did eating it. 🙂

carrot cake

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