A Family Photo Shoot for an Anniversary

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A Family Photo Shoot for an Anniversary

A Family Photo Shoot for an Anniversary.

The Parish Family Photographs.

Last Sunday and yes it was on valentines day.. I had the privilege to be able to do a family photo shoot for the anniversary of Gemma and Michael. What they wanted was some great shots of them, their two young boys and of course lets not forget the star of the show, Indie the dog. Basically the last lot of decent/professional photographs they had done was ten years ago (I think) on their wedding day. I never really gave it much thought until now but what a great gift to give each other to celebrate their time together plus the added bonus of the two boys (and Indie) who are a major part of the family.

Anyway, luckily for me Gemma and Michael had put the effort in to know exactly what they were going to wear and what photographs they wanted, family together, the two boys, dad (Michael) and Indie, etc.. doing this makes the whole photo shoot experience a lot easier and less stressful for everyone because this way you can give your client the photographs they want and maybe some added bonus shots. The morning went well and I captured everything that Gemma and Michael wanted.

Later that day I got to work on editing some of the photographs. Not too much to do, just a little bit of work on the levels, curves and some cropping to 10″ x 8″ so they are all print ready. So, basically this is what I try to do for all my clients.. When I get all the colour images saved I then go back and converted them all to black and white so my client has all their photographs in colour and black & white save to their own personal USB. I will always get my clients photographs uploaded onto my website via a private login so they can view them as soon as I have done all my editing. This is great because it gives them a chance to have a look and see if they are happy with everything before I hand over their USB memory stick with all their photographs. It also gives them a chance to ask if I could do some re-editing or even make one or two of their photographs larger for say a canvas print. A new thing I have now started to do (thanks to Gemma) is add a pdf document stating that you have the right to print the images I take for you. When talking to Gemma she told me that on a couple of occasions she had gone to ASDA and other photographic printing services and had been asked to provide proof of copyright from the photographer or owner of the images. I honestly never knew about this, so thank you once again Gemma.

Below are a selection of photographs from the photo shoot for an anniversary. I hope you like them as much as I do… Oh, and before I forget, Thank you so much to Gemma, Michael and the two boys for making me feel welcome in their home and yes, have a fabulous Anniversary 🙂

GLP_008 GLP_008 GLP_011 GLP_012 GLP_014 GLP_015 GLP_018b GLP_020 GLP_025 GLP_029b GLP_030b GLP_033 GLP_035b GLP_036b

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