This is nothing to stress about it is just an informal friendly chat but at the same time it’s very important to you and especially for me. Firstly, we get to know one another. Getting to know each others personalities and to form a great friendship is so important as I get to learn what sort of style, look and feel you are after for your wedding photographs on your wedding day and I get to know you as a couple, your humour and your characters. There may be something you have seen in a magazine or on other wedding website that inspires you both and you would like your wedding photographs to look something around that theme. The more information and ideas that you have is better for me to make sure you get the best photographs on your wedding day. It sometimes helps to make a scrapbook of ideas. Check out setting up a pinterst page this could also be very helpful.

Formal Wedding Photographs:

This for some couples is a bit old fashioned and sometimes it gets overlooked. Trust me, this is very important to get right because if a family relative is missed out it can cause all sorts of problems. All we need to do is keep it simple and brief, make a list of names then let me get this sorted for you. I normally tend to get the best man to help me with this. Let’s not forget this day is about you as a couple. Once we get the formal photographs sorted we can concentrate totally on you and your wedding day.


From our very first meeting we will discuss everything that is needed from you as clients and hopefully get to where you want to be (happy and excited). I will take notes and give ideas but nothing is set in stone. If you have any other ideas or requests from our first meeting you can call, text, email me at any time as this is your wedding day and it is very important to you, your family and friends.

Pre Wedding Shoot:

Depending on whether you have decided upon opting for this then the pre wedding photographs are basically taken a month before your special day at a location that suites you both. You get to know how I work and I get to know you both as a couple, your needs, your hopes and desires. We can decide where you would like to do your pre wedding photographs, and when you would like to do them.

I hope this page give you a better insight into what we are trying to achieve on your very special day. Lets not forget, once you decide that you want me to photograph your wedding, I am only a phone call or text away, think of me as your best friend and believe me, that I want you to have the best wedding photographs so you can look back in many years to come and smile when you look at back and remember that special day.