A Bottle of Yellow Tail Australian Red Wine

Posted by on Feb 8, 2015 in News
A Bottle of Yellow Tail Australian Red Wine

A Bottle of Yellow Tail Australian Red Wine.

Tonight I decided to take a couple of different photographs of my bottle of Yellow Tail Australian red wine (shiraz), before I drank it. At first I thought about doing a bit product photography but then I thought it would take too long setting everything up so I opted for some casual arty photographs one using a single canon strobe light with a small soft box looking down onto the bottle which I then also positioned myself to look down and take the shot. I took a few like that and decided on this one which is on my blog. After that I then thought about doing a bit of light trailers using a hand held torch. My camera was placed on a tripod and set to bulb mode. I pre focused onto the bottle then turned out the lights, using a remote trigger I then played around with the torch painting around the bottle and that was basically it really. Oh, my ISO was set to 100 focal length at 28mm, aperture at f9 and the shutter speed was 6sec.. I wasn’t too sure after a couple of attempts but hey-ho I found one which I thought was okay.. I know there will be photographers out there who would love to critique it/them and please do. I know they’re not perfect but in all honesty I like them. The two photographs I have attached to this blog are my two favourites out of the few I took and I hope you like them too. I am now drinking the Yellow Tail Shiraz as I write this blog so apologies in advance for my grammar and spelling hic!

Yellow Tail Shiraz Yellow Tail Shiraz

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